Bike Face Shield

Product Description and Benefits


Cristal clear face shield that easily attaches to a bike helmet via Velcro’s.


· Detachable: No need to make holes in helmet to install the face shield and Velcro’s can be removed from the helmet when face shield is not needed anymore.

· Real Industry Face shield material

· Crystal clear

· Fog proof: Your breath won’t fog the shield

· Very light

· Protection against virus air drops/aerosols, bugs, dust and pollen

Sales and Inquires

Please, contact us at: for purchase requests or inquires.

Current price per unit: $ 15

We are currently providing non contact to the door deliveries for Massachusetts: Newton, Brookline, Waltham, Belmont, Needham, Wellesley


· Film thickness: 0.02”

· Size of shield: 28 cm + 18 cm / 11”x 7.5”


We have two Models for Helmets with and without Visors,. More details in next sections

Notice that we are listing some Helmet shapes that are not compatible with our Bike Face Shields

Model 1: For No Visor Bike Helmet

Compatibility with Model 1: No Visor bike helmet examples

Model 2: For Visor Type Bike Helmet

Compatibility with Model 2: Visor type bike helmet examples:

Model 2: Compatibility Detail

Model 2 Incompatible helmets:

Notice Velcros need smooth area where to stick in your helmet.

If your helmet, specially in the central front area, has rounded edge then it may not hold the Velcro. See examples incompatible helmet fronts for Model 2 below:

Version 1 and 2 Non Compatible Examples

Installation Instructions for Model 1

For Model 2: you will have three Velcros to stick in your helmet. Please check Model 2 Compatibility Details section above

  1. Identify the front center of your helmet

2. Position the shield on your helmet front edge symmetrically aligned with the center line. Mark your helmet with a pencil the location of the Velcro’s

3. Remove the protection film from the Velcro pieces and install them in the planned areas, wait 1 minute per piece to stick to the helmet.

4. Join the Face shield to the helmet matching the Velcro pieces.